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What are the math?

The mathematics is an objective science or a deductive logical science that is dedicated to the study of the properties and relationships of abstract entities such as numbers, mathematical symbols and geometric figures. Mathematics has as basic elements logic and intuition, generality and particularity, analysis and construction, therefore, it is considered two pillars on which it is based particularly that corresponds in abstraction and in the use of logic in reasoning, allowing with this great advances in the different branches of study. It is important to consider that mathematics can only be modified by demonstrating the existence of mathematical errors.

Mathematics is divided into four major areas or fields of study, allowing for better understanding:

Mathematical applications

Mathematics is applied unconditionally in the daily life of each person, it is very important to have clear basic knowledge, some examples are:

  • Sport: The playing areas are limited and it is common to use geometric figures for the area of limitation, suppose as an example football, if we look at the playing field is rectangular and we can see other lines inside the field that identifies each part with corresponding measures to be respected.
  • Technology: Everything developed today is due to mathematical calculations, a very clear and visual example is the design of the website in which you are, all the figures on the main page were made with geometric figures by programming and calculations, if you visualize the clouds for a moment is possible to detect 3 circles and a rectangle.
  • Food: The best example for food is a pizza, which is distributed in equal parts for the number of members in the household or people who are going to consume, so you can say in fraction how many slices corresponds to each person.

In short, mathematics is applied to what surrounds us, something incredible is the Fibonnaci series which appears in biological configurations, as for example in the flowers of sunflowers, in the branches of trees, in how DNA encodes the growth of organic forms and many other sciences in which it is given an application.

Math is fun

Very few people are interested in any branch of science that involves numbers, this is due to an education system that is not right for them or do not have a correct method for learning, making it more difficult for them to learn. For that reason in the "Math 18" tutorials you can find different ways to solve a problem, as well as recommended methods and mathematical tricks. In the web you can observe two sections, one specially to tutorials from basic level to advanced level that corresponds to "tutorials" and another section focused on mathematical "curiosities" so that you can see how amazing it can be to have knowledge of these, as well as their implementation.

Mathematics can be a lot of fun to apply graphically or playing, that's why you'll find some visual examples to later have some idea of a game in which you can apply the theme seen. The web of mathematics focuses to give you the necessary knowledge to be an expert in solving problems, developing also a logical way of thinking.