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Ordinal numbers


What are the ordinal numbers?

Are those numbers that indicate the position of an element corresponding to an ordered sequence.

Ordinal numbers from 1 to 100



1st First
2nd Second
3rd Third
4th Fourth
5th Fifth
6th Sixth
7th Seventh
8th Eighth
9th Ninth
10th Tenth
11th Eleventh
12th Twelfth
13th Thirteenth
14th Fourteenth
15th Fifteenth
16th Sixteenth
17th Seventeenth
18th Eighteenth
19th Nineteenth
20th Twentieth
21st Twenty-first
22nd Twenty-second
23rd Twenty-third
24th Twenty-fourth
25th Twenty-fifth
26th Twenty-sixth
27th Twenty-seventh
28th Twenty-eighth
29th Twenty-ninth
30th Thirtieth
31st Thirty-first
32nd Thirty-second
33rd Thirty-third
34th Thirty-fourth
35th Thirty-fifth
36th Thirty-sixth
37th Thirty-seventh
38th Thirty-eighth
39th Thirty-ninth
40th Fourtieth
41st Forty-first
42nd Forty-second
43rd Forty-third
44th Forty-fourth
45th Forty-fifth
46th Forty-sixth
47th Forty-seventh
48th Forty-eighth
49th Forty-ninth
50th Fiftieth
51st Fifty-first
52nd Fifty-second
53rd Fifty-third
54th Fifty-fourth
55th Fifty-fifth
56th Fifty-sixth
57th Fifty-seventh
58th Fifty-eighth
59th Fifty-ninth
60th Sixtieth
61st Sixty-first
62nd Sixty-second
63rd Sixty-third
64th Sixty-fourth
65th Sixty-fifth
66th Sixty-sixth
67th Sixty-seventh
68th Sixty-eighth
69th Sixty-ninth
70th Seventieth
71st Seventy-first
72nd Seventy-second
73rd Seventy-third
74th Seventy-fourth
75th Seventy-fifth
76th Seventy-sixth
77th Seventy-seventh
78th Seventy-eighth
79th Seventy-ninth
80th Eightieth
81st Eighty-first
82nd Eighty-second
83rd Eighty-third
84th Eighty-fourth
85th Eighty-fifth
86th Eighty-sixth
87th Eighty-seventh
88th Eighty-eighth
89th Eighty-ninth
90th Ninetieth
91st Ninety-first
92nd Ninety-second
93rd Ninety-third
94th Ninety-fourth
95th Ninety-fifth
96th Ninety-sixth
97th Ninety-seventh
98th Ninety-eighth
99th Ninety-ninth
100th one hundredth