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PI number


What does pi number mean?

The number pi, represented by the Greek letter “π”, belongs to the set of irrational numbers, that is, it is a number that cannot be expressed as a fraction of two whole numbers, therefore, it has an infinite number of decimals. This means that pi is not exact or periodic.

Mathematically pi is the relationship between the length of its circumference and its diameter, in other words, it is the relationship between the perimeter of a circumference (P) and the length of its diameter (d).

P = π X d

What is the value of pi?

The value of pi has infinite decimals but for simple use of calculations the truncated value corresponding to:


If we want to obtain an extensive value of pi it would be the following:


Note: Consider that the value of pi was truncated since it is possible to continue obtaining decimals.

Curiosities of the number Pi

  • The international Pi number day is celebrated on March 14, since the date would be 3/14.
  • The day of approximation to the value of Pi by a fraction is indicated in the calendar on July 22, corresponds to 22/7, performing the operation we obtain that 22/7 = 3.142857714, which results in an approximation to the value of Pi.